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Pool Competition - January 2022 Winners

Winners of the Burton Manor Sports Association double Pool Competition.

On Saturday 22nd January 2022, Burton Manor Sports Association hosted a mixed doubles pool competition. Partners were drawn from a hat in the early hours of Saturday morning, with competitors finding out for the first time who their pool partner would be as they turned up.

Skills definitely ranged from beginners to those taking it more seriously with their own pool cues. With those having a few drinks also seeing their accuracy drop as the games went on.

29 individuals took part in the event, with a few lucky losers from the first round getting a second chance with a new partner.

After gruelling competition and some sarcastic friendly banter, we saw a final between Gavin and Emma against Peter and Simon.
With Peter and Simon becoming the victors.

Thank you to all that attended, making it such a fun evening for all the family.

And a special thank you to the organisers Anne and Stephen Marsden.

Please keep an eye out for other events, and if you are not already a member, please join us.

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